Located in an area of great beauty, the Factory is situated on the slopes of Tretto in the historic Saccardo Industrial Zone.
Today, Fabbrica Saccardo is home to professional studios and co-working laboratories that, besides being a suggestive setting for unforgettable events, is the perfect solution for photographic and video services, weddings, company presentations, and fashion shows. It is the right environment for tailor-designing your event, a place where products were born in the past and ideas are born today.


The conversion involved the upper floor of the industrial complex. The utmost respect has been given to the existing structure with the aim of making the most of its spaces, adapting them to today's needs and trying to make the environment flexible according to the different uses that have been envisioned for it.

Hence the decisions to use glass wall partitions which allow the space to be read as a whole, to continue to use the already existing chromatic solutions, and to scatter old machines throughout the spaces as evidence of their close relationship with the Factory’s history. And all this to allow the space itself to tell its own story and be the real protagonist.