Fabbrica Saccardo was founded by Giuseppe Saccardo in 1892.

During that era of the Industrial Revolution the textile sector was growing rapidly and because of this, the demand for bobbins, shuttles, and tubes also increased. Saccardo chose a well-positioned location on connecting roads, in the immediate vicinity of the Orco Creek whose water was available to provide energy for the machinery. The population in mountainous area above the site guaranteed abundant manpower and the area itself guaranteed abundant raw material in the form of wood.

Furthermore, the presence of water supplied energy at a lower cost in comparison to the cost of the coal necessary to the operation of steam engines. The factory soon established itself as an equal to the major European industries producing these accessories.

The company availed itself of the services of Fortunato Depero to create a publicity campaign and it was he who defined the location as the “Opificio magico” or the “Magic Factory”.